Buffalo Movie & Video Makers

The Buffalo Movie and Video Makers (BM-VM) was established in 1934 and is one of the oldest running organizations of its kind in the U.S.

The group meets the 2nd non-holiday Sunday evening of each month in Amherst. We provide education, support, encouragement, assistance, and a showplace for filmmakers, those with a tangent interest in film (writers, actors, etc.), people who want to help others with their films (production associates, admin., etc.) and people simply interested in watching something different and new in film.

Members include both novices and accomplished filmmakers, so no matter what your interest or skill level is in film, there's a seat available for you!

Who We Are

Members currently include filmmakers and those with an interest in film, as well as those with skills and talents tangent to the film industry such as actors, writers, film editors.

Our group is comprised of amateurs through advanced filmmakers with formal education in the arts.  When polled, the majority of our members considered themselves ‘intermediate’ filmmakers – meaning they understood what it took to make a film, and had actually made at least one or more completed short films of no less than ten (10) minutes. However, we had an almost equal number of members who answered ‘advanced filmmaker’ as we did “amateur” and “other” (meaning related to film but not a filmmaker). We also have members who are not interested in being filmmakers - they joined to learn about the craft and make themselves available to help on projects.

For More Information

For more information about us and out meeting schedule please take the time to visit our primary website or Facebook Fan Page;


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Contact Information

Phone: 716.771.BMVM (2686)